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What is Sani Sport?

Sani Sport is a method of cleaning that uses Ozone (O3) to break down and kill bacteria cells. O3 contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. O3 is a natural gas with strong oxidizing properties. Sani Sport opens sports equipment fibers to penetrate the dangerous bacteria. O3 kills germs 3200 times faster and is 150 times more powerful than chlorine and bleach!

Benefits of O3 Sani Sport

  • Effectively kills 98% of bacteria, including MRSA
  • Effectively kills 100% of viruses, including general staph infections, mumps, MERS, Influenza, and many more
  • Reduces risk of infection and skin rashes
  • Reduces odor caused by bacteria
  • Extends the life of the equipment
  • Protects athletic gear by vaporizing it with a completely natural substance
  • Vaporizing technology allows for no movement during the cleaning cycle
  • No water/dry process allows for washing of helmets and skates

Why choose O3 Sani Sport?

  1. Sani Sport has the shortest cycle time in the sports equipment cleaning industry, 12 minutes!
  2. Sani Sport is the only sports equipment cleaning machine endorsed by the NHL and USA Hockey.
  3. Sani Sport is used by 27 NHL teams, 15 NFL teams, 5 MLB teams, fire departments, and various military and law enforcement agencies.
  4. Sani Sport is the only sports equipment cleaner with third party certification from the UL and CE.

Pricing and Membership Options:

NESV 2017-2018 Member Season Pass*

Adult Monthly Membership (Full Set)

Helmet, Gloves, Elbow pads, Shoulder pads, Pants, Shin guards, Skates, Shirt, Socks, and Bag

Price = $50

Student Monthly Membership (Full Set)

Price = $40

Figure Skating Monthly Membership

Price = $20

*Monthly membership requires a 2-month initial commitment

One Time Cleaning and Sanitizing

One Time Adult or Goalie Full Set Cleaning and Sanitizing

Price = $50

One Time Student Goalie Cleaning and Sanitizing

Price = $40

One Time Student Full Set Cleaning and Sanitizing

Price = $40

One Time Figuring Skating Full Set Cleaning and Sanitizing

Price = $20

*Please call Jonathan at 857-205-0507 for available cleaning times.

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