Any parent of over scheduled children knows that shuttling kids to their activities can often be a daunting and completely overwhelming task that requires precise calendar coordination and masterful execution.  Tommy has lacrosse and soccer, Olivia has dance and hockey, Madison has to get to ice skating then karate.  Of course, they are all on opposite sides of town.  All the while, you still need to drop of the dry cleaning, figure out something to make for dinner and ensure all the homework gets done just in time to get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and in today’s fast paced crazy world that seems to be a gross understatement. How can two parents manage to get all of their children to their myriad of activities on their own?  That very theory, the concept of consolidating their schedules, actually seeing and enjoying their children, and bringing the family back together in one place intrigued two local fathers and friends.  The idea of creating a unique environment, where kids of all athletic abilities can come together not only to play and train, but to relax and reconnect with the entire family all in one place is what led the two entrepreneurs to create their own village.

The New England Sports Village is at its core a family destination.  A one stop shop for busy families’ activities and wellness set in a sprawling campus like setting.  It’s not just a state of the art hockey arena, but a place to sneak in a workout at the gym while the kids practice, enjoy a nice dinner at our restaurant, sit and sip your coffee at the Dunkin Donuts, let the kids play in the family entertainment center, grab some dessert at Yogurt Beach on your way out.

As the Village grows so too will our amenities.  Phase two consists of an aquatics center and 150 room hotel.  The pools will be the best in the region with an indoor Myrtha olympic trial pool with top of the line air quality and outdoor recreational pools for the family to enjoy.  The hotel will feature not only a place for families to stay when they are visiting the Village for a tournament or game, but a restaurant, bar, a large conference room and an outdoor adventure course for team building activities or just for fun. In the works for phase three is the Tennis and Wellness Center with 12 courts, physical therapy clinic, spa and health center.  Phase four is the 110,000 square foot field house with soaring ceilings and unobstructed views housing indoor turf fields, basketball courts, and plenty of retail space.

And this is just the beginning…

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