With 60,000 square feet of top-of-the-line synthetic turf, The Field House at NESV will be able to host a variety of field configurations as well as competition and training formats across various age groups. The 300’ x 200’, FIFA regulation size field will host regulation soccer and lacrosse competition and will be divisible into three 200’ x 100’ fields to allow for multiple games and practices simultaneously. The space will also feature four 75’ pitching/batting tunnels for baseball and softball training.

This expansive space can also be used to host large-scale civic events. The courts section of the building will be constructed to accommodate three basketball or volleyball courts, with activities ranging from leagues and tournaments to camps, clinics, and “pick-up” play. The hardwood floors will also be easily adaptable to the sports of Futsal and Badminton. In addition, the area will serve as an ideal venue for small- to medium-scale spectator events, corporate gatherings, and community activities such as trade shows and job fairs. The second level of the Field House will include a mezzanine to provide spectators with an enhanced viewing option, in addition to serving as our rock-climbing entry point.

The FIeld House’s 165,000 square feet of improvements will also include a gymnastics center, a family entertainment center, various concessions, and a restaurant for the whole family.