Freestyle Ice Times:

  • $15/Skater
  • $5/Coach
  • Coaches AND skaters must have either an ISI or USFS membership.
  • Coaches must provide proof of liability insurance.
  • All Skaters and Coaches must sign in at the Front Desk prior to skating.
  • Freestyle Ice times are 50-min sessions on the Secondary Rink.
Upcoming Calendar
Spring Programs

Off-Ice Stretch & Conditioning Class:

This class will focus on stretching, muscle conditioning, proper posture and ballet.

Skaters will also learn a variety of proper warm-up and cool-down exercises.

Mondays, 4:15pm, 9 weeks, $135

April 3rd – June 12th (No Class 4/17 or 5/29)



Power Figure Skating:

*Must have passed a Basic 4 or Alpha Skating Program to register.

This class will focus on balance and edge quality to improve and strengthen their overall skating ability. Technique will include edgework and transition step drills.


10 weeks, $150

April 4th –  June 13th

(No class April 18th, school vacation)



Creative Skating:

Must have passed Basic 4 or Alpha Skating Level to register.

This class will focus on the basics of artistic skating. Learn how to interpret music and develop expression and personality on the ice.

Wednesdays, 4:15pm, 10 weeks, $150

April 5th – June 14th (No Class April 19th)



Jump & Spin Class:

Must have passed a Basic 6 or Delta Skating Level to register.

This class will focus on the correct technique for jumps & spins.

Learn the proper form to improve your muscle memory and body positioning for better jump and spin quality.

Fridays, 4:15pm, 10 weeks, $150

April 7th – June 16th (No Class April 21st)