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Summer 3v3 Youth League (120′ x 65′ Studio Rink)

The original idea behind the creation of the NESV Studio Ice Rink was meant for 3v3 unstructured hockey. There are tons of benefits to just playing the game and learning on your own. On the mini sheet at NESV, players are forced to engage in the play, make quicker decisions, read and react, along having tons of fun along the way. It benefits everyone, regardless of skill or ability level.  

This summer we are running 3v3 on Sunday afternoon leagues for kids of all ages. We split the players up based on ability to ensure that everyone is being challenged and having fun.

The program director is 1984 US Olympian David A. Jensen

Dates:  Each Sunday July 16 to September 3

Age Brackets:

5:00pm:  05’s – 06’s

6:00pm:  03’s – 04’s


Key Information:

  • No team registrations.  Individuals only!
  • Teams picked on arrival for parity, weekly
  • Two Goalies per age group.
  • Games consist of 20 minute halves (running time) with 1:00 buzzer shifts
  • NESV Referees and Coaches


Added Benefits

10% Discount Yogurt Beach Discount

10% Discount to The Barn Food & Spirits

15% Discount fro DAJ Skills Center


PRICE: $179 (for entire season)

Walk-ins $29 (Pay at Front Desk when you arrive)

*Goalie’s Price: $50



FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT David A. Jensen: daj@nesportsvillage.com