Power Tuesdays

Spring 2017 POWER Shooting Camp (Ages 10-15) by DAJ Hockey

Featuring NHL Alumni shooting experts David A. Jensen and Glen Featherstone.

Key Areas of Focus: Developing more power, accuracy and release time along with dekes, utilizing your shots in different areas of your game, creating an arsenal – shooting in stride, shot selection, tips and screens, one timers, deflections & net battling, backhand Shots,  3 v 3 and small area games so player can use what he/she just learned to gain experience.

Cost: $299

Start Time: 5:15pm (50 min sessions)

Duration: 10 weeks – 32 player max

Start Date: April 11

No walk ons


Spring 2017 POWER SKATING FOR HOCKEY  (Ages 10-15)

This class focuses on proper technique in all aspects of skating: edges, power turns, crossovers, pivoting, body position, proper stride.

  • Cost: $199
  • Start Time: 6:30pm (50 min sessions)
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Capacity: 45 skater max
  • Start Date: April 11



Spring 2017 POWER FIGURE SKATING  (*Ages 6+)

This class will focus on balance and edge quality to improve and strengthen their overall skating ability. Technique will include edgework and transition step drills.

Cost: $150

Start Time: 5:30pm (50 min sessions)

Duration: 10 weeks –

Capacity: 45 skater max

NO walk-ons

*AGES 6+ (must have passed basic 4)

Start Date: April 11