RAPID SHOT Training System:

The best training system to improve your accuracy, shot speed, and reaction time is now open. Take up to 800 shots per hour and IMPROVE YOUR GAME! Located in the Downstairs Lobby, the RAPID SHOT System is available both by appointment and during public access hours.

Rapid Shot Guest Cards:

5 minutes = $5

15 minutes = $12

30 minutes = $22

Rapid Shot Members Card:

*60-minute “New Member Card” = $42

100 minutes = $70

200 minutes = $120

500 minutes = $240

*Must be purchased before adding additional minutes

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday | 9am – 9pm

Saturday – Sunday | 8am – 7pm

*For more information please call 774-225-6800 or email: info@nesportsvillage.com

APT – Athletic Performance Training


APT is the premier full service performance training center located at The New England Sports Village . APT programs include all sports and skill levels from youth to adult and beginner to elite. Our comprehensive training philosophy has developed success at the high school, collegiate and professional levels.

How our system works:

Before training one of our performance specialists review your medical history, past injuries, sport of choice and your specific goals. Once we have received a valid movement and performance profile a individualized training program can be created to fit your personal profile.

Get started with your comprehensive 1 on 1 evaluation

We can help you reach your goals; call us at 781-883-5564 and set up your free initial evaluation today!

GDS Elite Goaltending

The area’s top pro, college, junior, high school, prep and youth hockey goalies choose Mike Buckley for the proven success of his systematic approach to goaltending. Coach Buckley’s system fits into all players’ games, at all levels.

The GDS system is a thoroughly mapped out set of principles and variables that lays the groundwork of the goaltender’s game. The system builds on the six core fundamentals of goaltending: Skating, stance, positioning, save selection, rebound control and recovery.

GDS coaching creates a strong technical base complemented by a focus on an athletic, unbounded style of play. This allows goaltenders to develop their own style based on their strengths, resulting in quick efficient movements and confidence in their game. In the last 3 seasons alone, the GDS system has developed 17 DI commitments, including 3rd round draft pick Mike Robinson (San Jose Sharks).

*For more information or sign up for a session please call 774-225-6800 or email info@nesportsvillage.com